Playing Progressive Slots Machine For The Chance To Win Jackpots

January 10, 2017

Every now and then a media outlet will report a winner who won several million dollars playing a slots machine game. These slots aren’t not the standard slots you see when you walk in a casino. They are called progressive slots machines. They are computerized slots machines that link to a larger jackpot. So instead of just winning your game on the machine you’re playing, you might also win a larger jackpot . A percentage of the coins or dollars played go into funding and create this massive jackpot. There are usually several types of progressive jackpots; single machine, casino progressive and wide area progressive slots.
The single machine progressive jackpot is not linked to other machines. It takes a percent of all deposits and uses this to create a jackpot. Since it is a single machine, the jackpot isn’t usually very large. You will also find this with online slots machines as well. In an online slots machine, the progressive jackpot is usually above of the screen and you can see it while you play. In an online casino, you have to check each machine to see what type of progressive jackpot it offers. Sometimes they can be any combination of the three types.

The casino progressive jackpot is linked by one casino or a group of casinos owned by one operator. For example , Casino B has several casinos . Each casino has slots game Y. They will link all the slots games Y together and when a player gets the jackpot, they get all of Casino B’s jackpot from all the slots game y’s combined jackpot. These jackpots are usually nice but not as large as the wide area progressive jackpot we often read about.

Wide area progressive slots machines are usually operated independently and by several unrelated casinos. IGT ,International Gaming Technology, is one of the leading slots machine manufacturers. They operate many slots machine games across many state lines and will often have those record breaking slots jackpots that are often featured in the news. In most cases, IGT owns the game and everyone including the casino shares in the jackpot. These jackpots are most attractive and lure many players as a result. The downside of these progressive slots is the administrative costs are usually much higher and the payout percentage is usually much lower than on regular slots machines.

These are the three progressive slots machines in land based casinos. Remember to check to see what type it is. Online slots machines usually have all of jackpot information on the screen as you play and may have all three types of jackpots. In land based casinos, the single jackpot slots machine will offer the highest payback percentage of all progressive slots. This might lower your chances of a large payout but cover your costs of gambling while the percentage at the larger progressive slots machines might be lower but if lady luck is smiling on you it will be your day in the sun.

This additional benefit of a larger jackpot is a great incentive for playing those wide area slots even if the odds are as high as hitting the lottery. In none of these cases are there slots games for free, all require a deposit. There are a few free slots websites where you can win money without a deposit but most are pay to play type games. Remember to check each machine before you play and make sure you know the type of progressive jackpot it offers.

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